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The "Official" Food Lovers Reviews for The Food Lovers Fat Loss System

The “Official” Food Lovers Reviews for The Food Lovers Fat Loss System

Food Lovers Fat Loss System –¬†Food Lovers Diet Reviews

I recently saw an infomercial by fitness expert Robert Ferguson called the Food Lovers Fat Loss System. The food lovers fat loss program is mostly about portion control, balanced meals & yes, snacking between meals & before bedtime. Essentially 1 protein, 1 fast carb (pasta,bread, grits, potatoes, beer, wine), 1 slow carb (non starch veg) for meal / or 1 protein & 1 fast carb/or 1 protein & I think 3 slow carbs..if you stick to the portions that is ūüėČ

You are also encouraged to snack between meals: if it has a nutrition label 100 to 200 cal snack for women, up to 300 cal for men (unfair), other wise a standard portion of other things like fruit, baked potato etc. If you want to eat a 1/2 palm sized chocolate chip cookie for your fast carb at a meal, you could … but as long as the cookie was under 200 cal, you could guiltlessly eat it for a snack or as a weight loss drink,I guess. It also highly recommended as a compliment to the sugar diabetes diet.

So What is the Food Lovers Fat Loss System?

This fat loss program is an effective weight loss program that isn’t going to make you starve and isn’t like other dieting programs on the market. The Food Lovers Fat Loss¬†diet menu ¬†is easy to understand and there is a lot of information on it.

How Does the Food Lovers Fat Loss Plan Work?

Getting started with the Food Lovers Fat Loss System is according to the creator “as simple as 1, 2, 3” ¬†You are going to eat a specific combination of foods such as slow carbs, proteins, and fast carbs.

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Why the Creator Thinks Food Lovers Fat Loss System Recipes work the Best?

The Food Lovers Fat Loss System is not a diet, per say. It’s more of an eating plan that helps you to eat food the right way and if used correctly it can help boost your metabolism and improve your health and as a weight loss alternatives to surgery.

Food Lovers Fat Loss System Video

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What’s Included with the Food Lovers Fat Loss System?

The Food Lovers Fat Loss System claims to provide all the tools needed to help you succeed in losing fat.

You are going to get with the Food Lovers Fat Loss System:

  • 21-Day Quick Start Body Makeover Guide: This is going to help you learn to reset your metabolism and to turn your body into a fat burning machine!
  • Food Lovers Fat Loss System Reviews and Guidebook: This e-book shows you how to eat the foods you love such as breads and pasta while still losing weight
  • The Food Lovers Fat Loss System¬†Eating Out Guide: This handy guide is going to show you how you can still enjoy eating out while still eating the right combination of foods to help with burning calories.
  • Food lovers Diet recipes

Personally I believe you can research Low Glycemic methods of eating online, you can find all kinds of sites about Low Glycemic including many list of foods with the Glycemic Index. A little online research a person could design their own Low Glycemic Fat Loss, create a daily exercise program you can do and save yourself $ 160 plus shipping and handling which is the amount listed on the website. The food lovers fat loss system did however work for me.¬†It taught me the right way to eat the foods i already love to eat. I don’t feel hungry as often,and I now have more energy to write more on my how can i lose fat blog and go shopping for new clothes more often as a reward!!!

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    well if she feels bad that they kill animals for food, think of the plants. Plants are defensless, cant move and they are all killed. They feel the pain just as animals do. But seriously you should try to get her to talk to a doctor he would be able to give you the best advice, maybe she needs some other kind of supplement and the only way to know is to get tested, so get her to a doctor before its to late.

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    Almost any time you change a dogs food, his/her bowel movements will be runny. Pedigree is ok. Use can food very spareingly. Maybe only a spoonfull at a time just for taste.

  • hawyer sch

    This is my theory and this is what works for me. Everyone is different so it may need to be adjusted to your own personal needs.

    Energy In/Energy Out

    Food Intake: 1,200 Per Day

    One Pound equals 3,500 Calories

    To loose one pound per day, You need to burn your food intake plus your one pound of fat

    1,200 (intake) + 3,500 (Outtake) = 4,700 Calories Burn

    You must burn at least 4,700 Calories everyday to loose one pound at least. It is very easy to go up and beyond 4,700 calories each day.

    Best way to do this is to track your progress on a calorie counter monitor watch. If you do it by the numbers you can loose the weight. It is just a matter of changing the way you think about weight loss.

    Once you start wearing your calorie counter you can see the numbers increase and you fill find yourself doing extra things in your day, like tapping your foot while waiting at the light in your car, chewing gum, singing out loud and so on onto of your workout routines. You begin to see that everything you do in your day contributes to the overall numbers needed to loose that pound.

    I, myself, have done this recently. Two weeks later, I lost one pant size and 10 pounds. And that is just my current progress. I have used this method previously after childbirth and have gone from 168 to 127 pounds with in two months.

    I personally burn 1,000 calories by Walking in my community for one hour in the morning and I also burn 1,000 calories by simply using a stationary bike while playing xbox. I get so involved in playing xbox that I completely forget I am pedaling or working out. Think about […]

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