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How can i lose fat? -

How can i lose fat?

This seems to be the question on everyone’s mind, and for good reason, fat is so easy to acquire and so hard to get rid of.  Most bodies love to store fat, it’s good security for when you run out of food. This is unlikely, but your body doesn’t know that.  Unfortunately, the body loves storing fat so much that it will burn anything else available (muscle tissue, stored carbohydrate, etc.) before digging into the fat reserves.  Unless you trick it.  The first thing your body will burn is stored carbohydrates in the form of glycogen.  The next  is muscle tissue, only then does it grudgingly dip into the fat stores.  This is why most diets don’t work, especially “starvation” diets.  When you suddenly cut off the food supply, a survival mechanism kicks in causing the body to store every little bit of fat that it can!  This results in weight loss, but not much fat loss, and as soon as you DO eat something, it immediately gets stored as fat to replace any that was used.  This is NOT what you want, so you have to fool the body into thinking it doesn’t need fat.

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